Lucas Hernandez to Bayern Munich ,Does he worth the price?? 🤔

It is no longer  a breaking news that Lucas Hernandez is going to be a Bayern Player in summer from Atletico Madrid for a fee of 68M on a 5-year deal and with the add-on which would make it 80M .This makes him ,the most expensive player ever bought by a German Team and second most expensive defender of all time.

He is going to be joined with one of fellow National Team mate Pavard in the summer. Bayern are looking to strengthen their back line with those two. But the question is does he worth the price?.This is a player that isn’t a regular starter in his present club. My opinion on this is that the Transfer market has been affected by the big teams whom paid an unimaginable amounts for stars and young players. Medium teams now see it as a way to exploit the big teams. Well this is turning to be a common phenomenon in Sport.

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€80 million for Lucas Hernandez. Sounds like a lot now,Lucas is 23, excellent, plays both CB and LB—both positions Bayern Munich could use the youth, quality and depth in. Time is on his side to prove his worth

Good  business from Atletico,best deal for them in years.

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